Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ask a Mexican

I just saw an article in the LA Times today about a columnist for the OC (Orange County) Weekly who writes a column called "Ask a Mexican". It's a very tongue-in-cheek look at how different cultures perceive each other in Orange County. I read some of them, and I thought it was hilarious. [Some people are offended--make up your own mind.]

The LA Times article can be found by going to our library homepage, choosing Databases (, then clicking on Proquest. Type in "ask a Mexican" and it comes right up. Back issues of the column can be read at¡ask-a-mexican!/ask-a-mexican/.
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Tina Lau, North County Librarian

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Four-day Weekend!

Cuesta is not having classes this Friday and coming Monday. Have some fun this weekend--

February 20 - 21 is the Flying Leap Storytelling Festival, Solvang, 688-9533.

or try the
Dollhouse & Miniatures Show and Sale
Enjoy the annual show in Morro Bay. About 30 dealers from all over USA. Door prizes, BBQ and other food available. Date: February 18, 2006 - February 19, 2006 Time: 10-4 Sat, 11-3 Sunday Location: Masonic Temple Event Address: 1338 Atascadero Highway, Morro Bay Parking: Free on Site Phone: 805-772-7858 Admission: $5.00

or, just go see some movies:

Tina Lau, North County Librarian

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Modern Language Association map of languages

The MLA website has a linguistic map of the United States that you can use to find out what areas of the U.S. have which languages spoken. It's at out "All languages other than English combined". (in WWW Resources)
Tina Lau, North County Librarian