Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Cuesta Faculty Member Gone

Just found out that Mr. Bob Hartwig, who taught broadcasting communications classes here at Cuesta (and was also the chair of the Languages and Communications Division), suddenly passed away yesterday. It’s quite a shock for his family and coworkers. I give my condolences—

Tina Lau, North County Librarian
(in Cuesta news)

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Cuesta College Library said...

(From an email sent to Cuesta faculty today:)

KGUR is broadcasting a tribute show dedicated to Mr. Hartwig during finals week.

This week, we are collecting sound clips from people who knew him. The clips will be used next week during the tribute show. They don't need to be more than a minute or so long, the whole process shouldn't take more than fifteen or so minutes. We are inviting staff, facility, and students who knew him or wish to express their loss to participate.

The studios are open all day Wednesday from 8 am until the evening. We can make special arrangements for other times.

My name is Nathan Qualls. The station number is 546-3101. The studio is located in room 6102.